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Black Magic window film

Black Magic window film is the highest quality window film. To fix the dot matrix our window film is the best. It is a nano ceramic window film that is easy to work with. And whenever you use the right techniques you can remove the Dot-Matrix. It is the newest generation of window films that provides the best quality for your customers. It also attracts allot of car dealers because they want the best quality for their customers.

We minimize the ugly white air edges around rear windows with a specially developed technology. These “white edges” are created because the dots of the ceramic coating on the inside of the window. push the foil up and in this gap air draws in what a white silver edge caused. For many people, this is an eyesore and often a threshold to opt for window film assembly. At we go one step further and deliver the dot-matrix treatment as standard in our package. as a result of which the quality can hardly be distinguished from original, factory-tinted glass. Therefore Black Magic window film is the highest quality window film on the market right now.

For the best results follow our dot matrix course and get the best quality with our Black Magic window film.

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